the-corridor-at-harding-streetThe Medfield Rail Trail is a proposed 1.3 mile long section of the Bay Colony Rail Trail. It follows the corridor of the inactive Bay Colony Railroad and the converted trail will run from Harding Street near Medfield Junction to the Dover line somewhere between Farm Street and Hunt Drive (see map).

The Friends of Medfield Rail Trail (FMRT) is a volunteer group of residents working toward the implementation of the Medfield Rail Trail.  The mission of the FMRT is to address research, documentation, public hearings,  outreach, and fundraising for the purpose of making the Medfield Rail Trail a reality.

We welcome volunteers to help with staffing booths, promotion, and other tasks. Drop us an email at and we’ll find a spot for you to contribute your time and talents.

The FMRT is just getting started and will continue to post information on this site. For news and updates, sign up for our newsletter.

We also post on the Bay Colony Rail Trail Facebook page.